Accountability & Transparency


Chestermere City Hall is your City Hall. It should always be open for public input and observation. As mayor I will seek to finally make the proceedings at city hall open to all. I have experience in this area and intend on involving citizens in the process.

Currently Chestermere Council meetings are not available to the public unless you attend in person. You can currently request and pay for an audio copy of the proceedings, but only up until the minutes of that meeting has passed, and then the recordings are destroyed. A written version of the minutes can be obtained but they only reflect the outcomes not the actual dialogue.

This is not the kind of governance I want for our growing city, and neighboring municipalities are well ahead of us in this area. In Calgary and Airdrie, for example, the proceedings are broadcast live (on the internet) so the actions and debate of Council is there for all to see. In Rocky View County an audio recording of every Council meeting is available online long after the meeting is over. I will make it a priority to make sure what’s done at City Hall is open, transparent, and available to everyone.

But true accountability goes even further. As a former Chief of Police and the director of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police I have zero tolerance for public officials who take advantage of their authority at the expense of residents. I built my career on integrity and hard work and I promise that I will strive everyday to ensure that your City Hall lives up to its high calling.