About Marshall

In Marshall’s Own Words:

I’m a man who puts family first. Along with Debbie, my wife of over 40 years, we became residents of Chestermere in order to be closer to family. We are blessed with three young adult sons and one daughter, plus one wonderful grandchild.

I have worked in law enforcement my entire life. I came up through ranks of Camrose Police Service starting in 1976. Based on honesty, integrity, fierce determination and ability, I served as constable, corporal, sergeant and deputy chief before being promoted to the top job – police chief. I held this position for eight years prior to my decision to retire.

I was extensively involved with the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police (which includes RCMP) for seven years. I served as president of this group for five years.  I am a former director for the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. You will find that I am very community minded. In Camrose, I was awarded the Lorne Kendall Volunteer Award for my work with youth. I am the founder/builder of the School Resource Officer/DARE program in Camrose.

Being in public service for several decades gives me an understanding, experience and insight in how city hall and municipal politics works. I served as mayor of Camrose from 2010 to 2013, after being elected over two very credible and experienced politicians.

At lot of people ask me why I only served one term as Mayor of Camrose. The reason is, I had a much bigger battle on my hands. I’m sure we all have somebody close to us that’s been stricken with cancer and I’m no exception. I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in my policing days and after kicking it once, it returned for another fight when I was Mayor. I went through the full treatment complete with chemotherapy and radiation and am blessed to have come out on the right end of the fight. I empathize with anybody who has gone through the heartache of losing a loved one or has battled the disease themselves. I will never take my health for granted and encourage everybody to make routine visits to your doctor.